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Sustainable Biocomposites

This is a general activity for development of novel biodegradable and natural polymeric composites. We transform vegetable wastes, and other organic waste primary from food industry, directly into natural polymeric composites by non-toxic solvent processing methods. 

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Food Protection and Agricultural Systems

Nowadays, the food supply chains have become complex, massive and international, and for this reason the quality of the food that we consume depends equally on its nutritional value and on its efficient packaging.

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Technologies For Water Treatment and Life Below Water

Thanks to our experience in tailoring the properties of composite materials, we can design dedicated strategies for water protection and purification.

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Biomedical Devices

The applications of materials in the medical sector are multiple: manufacture or coating of a biomedical equipment, fabrication of prostheses and artificial organs, formulation of controlled drug release systems.

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Green and Flexible Electronics

We live in a world of electronics where it becomes increasingly difficult to imagine a single day without the assistance of modern technology. These devices are essential tools of our daily routine.

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Industrial Smart Materials

Industrial Smart Materials supports companies and institutions in their innovation projects. Our facilities and multidisciplinary expertise enable us to support the development of innovative products and processes.

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